MVA Consulting Ltd was founded in 1998 on the belief that an engineering firm rooted in the principles of strong client relationship could exceed all expectations. As an alternative to populating the company with an abundance of resources before relationship, MVA chose to develop each relationship whether client, subcontractors, landowners, or employee as one of high value. Together we have empowered our staff to believe the same fundamentals as the company and its directors. Collectively directors and employees shaped a mission statement that over the 18 years has governed higher than any profit margin has;

Not only does almost 20 years of engineering experience give you the confidence that we are capable of managing diverse engineering projects. It also shows that we understand the challenges from multiple disciplines. Bringing this experience together we believe that offering a diverse range of services both in house and  through strategic alliance, we can mitigate overages, and enhance efficiencies on projects.

Our team is committed to evolving to meet the individual needs of each of our clients. It is our mandate to develop and maintain long term relationships, which consistently provide efficient, creative, and responsible, value adding solutions.


Client Benefits

  • On Time
  • On Budget
  • Long Term Commitment 
  • A team that better understands Client Needs and Project Constraints
  • Lower costs
  • Cost-Effective, on time, within Budget Solutions
  • Expediting throughout the Project
  • Shorter timelines to Commissioning
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Smoother Scheduling (less re-work and backtracking)
  • We Design and Execute for the Client’s best interests, having no agenda as Builders.

Mission Statement


Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our clients by exceeding their expectations. We are committed to refining our quality, expanding our capabilities, and increasing our standard of excellence.

Principles of Purpose


We are committed to being honest, transparent and fair in everything we do.  Our history of integrity is our foundation for the future.


We are indebted to the relationships we have developed over the years with our clients.  We seek to meet and exceed their expectations while providing effective and efficient solutions.


We believe that everyone has the potential to be great within them and we are committed to being a part of that growth and self-discovery.  We take pride in knowing that we have the best in the industry to mentor and guide the next generation.


It is a daily commitment to challenge ourselves to provide innovative ideas to every aspect of our development.  We reward critical thinking and invest into improving the quality of our product.